About The Baliem Valley Resort

How it began and what makes it so special

After more than 20 years of expeditions in Papua, Dr. Werner Weiglein begins the challenging project of building a resort in the middle of Papua’s highlands. In friendship with the Dani tribes of the Baliem Valley, Werner chose this location in 1997 to build an eco-lodge with 15 comfortable bungalows in a 1,600 hectare natural paradise surrounded by the Sekan Mountains. 

Only 45 minutes by car from the city of Wamena, the Baliem Valley Resort respects the environment and the traditions of the Dani people. Local materials were used for the most part in the construction of the Resort and the bungalows were designed in the style of traditional Dani (Honai) huts. The extensive inner garden of the hotel complex was only minimally damaged during construction and to this day the buildings are surrounded by natural vegetation. The fact that even birds of paradise can be observed amidst the Resort grounds is a source of great joy to us all. By far the greater part of the 1,600 hectare site is untouched and we place great emphasis on protecting the nature that surrounds us.

The Resort also offers a museum-restaurant with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Baliem Valley and the Trikora Mountains. The museum collection is the result of 40 years of expeditions in New Guinea. Most of the pieces come from the Asmat area, where the tribes are former headhunters, but also known for their amazing primitive art.

Our Resort offers fantastic opportunities to explore the areas of the Dani and Lani tribes, while providing all the comforts possible here in the Papua highlands. Take hikes right from the Resort and learn about the Dani people. Participate in a pig festival. Or take day tours with guide and private driver to discover the beautiful nature of Papua. See our tour packages here.

The Baliem Valley Resort places great emphasis on community involvement. It is located in the middle of inhabited Dani land and every morning groups of Dani can be seen passing by the restaurant after the daily harvest from their fields. A small school and church are also located on the Resort grounds.

The Baliem Valley Resort is 100% powered by green energy from a hydroelectric plant. We recycle rainwater for our restaurant and use the nearby mountain river for the bungalows. Most of the food we cook comes from the organic Dani farms surrounding the Resort. Our daily menu reflects seasonal availability.

Our team consists of 23 staff members, 20 of whom are local Dani from the surrounding areas. Most of our staff have been with us since day one. For more than 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to being a reliable and respectful place to work, and we have kept that commitment during the difficult Corona times.

Become part of our commitment. We look forward to your visit.

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